Additional Services

CES industry experts have identified services that will cover all projects, by making one phone call. Guaranteed to be thorough, safe, cost efficient and on time.
CES provides full-service operations for plants, pipelines and stations including, but not limited to, the following:

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    Project Management

    CES offers support services tailored to fit a company’s particular needs, including, but not limited to, site design, equipment and material specifications, and managing the installation of compressor stations, plants and treating facilities.

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    Inspection Services

    The CES inspection team is comprised of certified inspectors with vast experience inspecting the installation of pipelines, plants, treating facilities, and compressor stations.

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    Facility Operations

    The CES technical services team members have the knowledge and skill to operate new or vintage equipment, effectively reducing downtime and maintaining or increasing throughput.The technical services team is available beginning with the installation, start-up, and commissioning of the equipment and will continue through routine operations, emissions testing, horsepower and process optimization, top-ends, overhauls, and revamps. CES stocks critical supplies and parts which helps reduce downtime.

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    Equipment Procurement, Installation, Start-up & Commissioning

    CES’s management has proven experience designing, fabricating and assembling compressor packages ranging from 100 to 8,000 horsepower units. Likewise, we can specify related equipment for treating and processing the gas streams for fuel or for pipeline quality requirements. Our Technical Services Group will install, start-up and commission your equipment anywhere in the country.

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    gas compression

    CES employs highly trained technicians to install, service, and maintain gas compression and processing equipment on all horsepower ranges. Management has experience managing a compression fleet up to 2 million horsepower including gas turbines and reciprocating compression.